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Day 115: Paris in Berlin

August 7th, 2011

I’m having lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, listening to French music, in Berlin.

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It really is indicative of my stay in Berlin – not that I feel like I’m in Paris but because I’ve met more foreigners, especially, Parisians, here than I have met actual Berliners. I did spend quality time with a few Germans living in Berlin but my associations, by far, have been with foreigners living in Berlin.

  • AG from Bremen (northern Germany) who is currently living in Berlin
    HJ from Malaysia, working on her PhD in Berlin
    FF from Scotland, living and working here in Berlin
    SCCB from Paris, here on business
    CS from Switzerland, here to practice her German
    SM from Spain, here on holiday
    LG from Sankt Peter-Ording (northern Germany), here working
    3 girls in my hostel room, from Paris, on a 2-week journey around Europe
  • Berlin is an international hub and melting pot.

    In the last 2 days here here, I’ve been to museums, an art gallery, a bicycle tour of the main historical sites with fellow couchsurfers, a local hole-in-the-wall bar, the Berlin Beer Festival (2km long beer garden!), and a 6-floor industrial/goth night club. I’ve eaten Swiss, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian foods, and drunk a lot of German beer. I’ve been out until 5 in the morning almost every night (bars/clubs don’t close until most people have left and there is no last call for alcohol) and I’ve woken up early to do it all over again. Of course, after I crashed my rental bicycle this morning, I decided it would be better for me to take it easier today.

    Beer festival sounds (2:34:00) (me trying to order in German, my fellow couchsurfers, random people at the bar chatting with us):

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    View all the pictures in chronological order on Flickr here. Below is a subset of the pictures in random order.

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    1. from SD
      August 10th, 2011 at 05:53 | #1

      The German traffic light for pedestrians, a green man with a hat, is so cute (!) and I love its humorous design. Do they have a girl’s version?
      Have you seen the traffic light character portrayed on goods at souvenir shops?
      It could be used as a character image of Berlin.
      I love German art, technologies and products.
      I wish we had that kind of pedestrian traffic light here in the US.

      • August 10th, 2011 at 07:50 | #2

        I really enjoyed the little guy too! It was specifically designed to be appealing and has a history behind it. The ‘ampelmann‘ as he is called was only appearing in East Berlin but has since been adopted all over Germany. There are other normal, gender-less signals as well.

    2. Juhi
      August 12th, 2011 at 02:15 | #3

      Hey Sandy! Just wanted to say hello…glad to see you’re still in one piece and still having an pretty amazing adventure. So very, very jealous ;)
      Hugs from me and Nic.

    3. Jennifer
      August 12th, 2011 at 17:28 | #4

      The Ampelmann reminds me of the one we saw in Norway! I’m glad you are having fun on your train trip!!

    4. Yuki
      August 16th, 2011 at 09:48 | #5

      I just visited your ‘Beer Festival’ again tonight! Sounds clips are awesome. Hope everything is well!

    5. Yuki
      August 16th, 2011 at 10:01 | #6

      I am enjoying pictures tonight, too, Sandy! Thank you! We were just talking about you with sensei tonight after the meeting. :-)

      pic #16 – is this statue is related to the one in LA downtown and San Diego station? Very similar looking statue!

      pic # 29 44 45 – Wow, Brandenburger Tor!!! I visited here 20+ years ago shortly after the Berlin Wall was demolished…

      • August 29th, 2011 at 23:33 | #7

        Hey Yuki! Yes, that is exactly like the statue in downtown LA. I thought someone might recognize it. :)

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