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What do you love about your town?

May 7th, 2011

What are 3 things you like about your city or town? What is 1 thing you don’t like?

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  1. jason
    May 12th, 2011 at 18:50 | #1


    I like…
    1) Seasons. The change of seasons is beautiful, refreshing, and inspiring. You feel time pass and that adds an urgency to enjoying all the changes. There’s a seasonality of produce as well so our cooking changes throughout the year.

    2) Youthful. It’s a very young city with a lot of students and they give it an energy, vitality, and sense of discovery.

    3) Walkable. You can walk a lot of places within the city. The suburbs not so much, but there are main cycle and pedestrian avenues in, out, and around the city. Coupled with the youthfulness and energy, it’s a fairly healthy city.

    I dislike…
    1) Terrible, impatient, irrational drivers in the suburbs. Much better in the city, proper where most people realize there’s no point in zooming from light to light.

  2. imelda
    May 12th, 2011 at 22:56 | #2

    Hi Sandy,

    Looks like you are having a blast!

  3. nicola
    May 26th, 2011 at 10:29 | #3


    When ya coming to see me?????
    your trip looks awesomee!!!!

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