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Cabinetry and Storage

September 19th, 2012

Great. So I’m having a motor home built that is definitly not going to be like flying economy class. It’s getting plenty of light and a huge amount of [unexpected] counter space. But, where do I put my stuff?

You’ll notice that about half of the space under the counters is actually where all the mechanics of the motor home are hiding – the water heater, the furnace, the power inverter, and the clean water tank. This leaves a small amount of under-counter room for a slide-out pantry shelf unit, drawers, and shelves. In addition, there are small overhead sliding shelves but even part of that is hiding mechanics like the bed lift system and the speakers. Somehow, I need to fit my essentials for living and working in these spaces.

I started by taking the suggestion of my friend, Liz, and putting all that I think I will need into volumetric bins to get an accurate measure of how much space volume I’d need. This includes clothing, toiletries, kitchenware, and garage tools. I’ll start by saying that I’m going to be creatively using my shower stall space. And I’m definitely going to invest in the future add-on of a roof-rack for a patio and for a storage crate. There will be more on this story once I move in and actually try to fit my belongings into these spaces.

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