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Converting a Van into a Motor Home

July 5th, 2012

I debated with myself for months about whether I could actually live in a motor home for months and what kind of motor home (size, color, shape, type, etc.) it would have to be so that I didn’t hate each minute I spent in it’s metal box confines. I ended up making my decision to convert a van based on a 67-point, prioritized criteria list, contained in an Excel sheet with links to external reference material, price sheets, and my CRID (concerns, risks, issues, and dependencies). Yeah… geek out.

Ease of driving and parking in urban areas
Light and space in living quarters
Sleeps 2 (full size bed)
Fire safety
Air circulation with screened openings
Leak-proof (particularly with penthouse top)
Fresh water system (filtered)
Waste system
Cooking and heating system
“Storage – trash container
19″” x 13″” x 8″” (like simplehuman under counter)”
“Storage – pantry for dried foods, cereal, canned foods, rice/pasta, spices, chips/snacks, extra beverages
22″” x 15″” x 10″””
Efficient power supply for laptop, hotspot, fans, and night lights
Storage – cat crate (24″x16.75″x15″), food (10″x12″x12″), and litter (13″x10″x10″)
“Cat litter box (ventilated)
16.5″” x 18″” x height?”
Storage – toolbox, vehicle lubricants
Storage – cleaning supplies
“Storage – clothes (1 suitcase and 2 duffel bags, laundry)
18″” x 40″” x 14″””
“Storage – shoes/boots (4 pairs)
9″” x 10.5″” x 12″””
Storage – light bedding for 2
Storage – emergency kits and fire extinguisher
Storage – water hoses, fuel container (empty), rope, tie-downs
Indoor shower
Inside AC outlets
Comfort in temperatures over 75F
Full size spare tire
2-burner stove (could be separate butane stoves)
Freezer space for 1 week’s worth of food (7 meals) and ice
Storage – for serving 4 (plates, bowls, multiple glasses, and utensils)
Storage – for 1 large pot and medium frying pan
Dining table space for 2 people (internal)
Laptop work table (on bed and at seat)
Storage – toilet, bath, and vanity supplies (1 cu.ft.)
Hooks for hanging clothes (min. 8 heavy duty hooks)
Total purchase and customization cost
Repair and maintenance costs (related to mileage)
External length (<22ft length, <7ft height) Visibility through vehicle's right side windows Visibility through back windows Internal transportation of 1 motorcycle at 81.3"L x 31.5"W x 46.5"H Storage - ramps for motorcycle Winch for pulling up motorcycle Built-in lighting for working at a computer/desk Lighting for lounging and talking Refrigeration for 1 week's worth of food and beverages Storage - motorcycle helmet, jackets, and pants Integrated sound system Interior material and color Insurance costs Internal headroom without penthouse ~5'9" Comfort in temperatures below 60F Seatbelts for 4 passengers Storage - [and prep space] for rice cooker "Storage - files and books 12.5"" x 16"" x 11""" Storage - awning or tarp Safety while driving in rain, snow, and ice Gas/diesel efficiency Room for 4 sitting around a table Large kitchen sink (wash an 8 qt pot) 2 ft of counter space for food preparation Tow package (4000 lbs) Ease of toilet waste disposal in urban areas Microwave Washing sink for toilet Outside AC outlets Sleep 4 people (bunks ok) Exterior color

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  1. July 9th, 2012 at 15:20 | #1

    Wow, it’s amazing you can fit all of that into a van!

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